About university

Amol University of Special Modern Technologies is the first specialized university of technology in the country and the fifth state university in Mazandaran province, whose initial activity is started in 2009 as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Mazandaran University. In 2013, with the final approval of the Development Council of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), it was upgraded to Amol University of Special Modern Technologies (AUSMT). AUSMT has accepted students in 6 undergraduate (daily and board of trustees) bio-animals, food hygiene and control, aromatic herbal products, veterinary laboratory sciences, meat health and inspection and information technology (IT) and based on approved detailed organization and notification. Now, AUSMT has 6 faculties and 27 departments as follows:

1. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

2. Faculty of Biotechnology

3. Faculty of Medicinal Plants

4. Faculty of Engineering Modern Technologies