Department of Food Hygiene

The Department of Food Hygiene was the first department established in 2009 under the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Amol University of Special Modern Technologies. There are two fields of study in this department: 1- Food Hygiene and Control (Bsc. And Msc.)  2- Meat Hygiene and Inspection (Bsc.). The department is dedicated to education and research in advanced technology of food chemistry, food microbiology, seafood, nutrition, and industrial process of food products like meat, poultry, and dairy.

There are five academic staff in this department who teach courses in the subject areas of food biochemistry, food chemical control, food microbiological control, dairy technology, meat technology, poultry technology, marine products, seafood technology, cereal technology, edible oil technology, sugar technology, packaging technology, slaughterhouse hygiene, meat and poultry inspection, and epidemiology (the study of factors determining and influencing frequency and distribution of disease, and other health events and the causes in a defined population, and with establishing programs to prevent and control the development and spread of disease) to undergraduate and master students. Also, this department aims to carry out extensive fundamental research in the area of innovative technologies for food control.

Faculty Members of Department